Wednesday, March 21, 2012

book review: "you're already amazing" by holley gerth

"Women feel enormous pressure to be perfect. To have the perfect body, to be a perfect woman, to have the perfect career, and to have the perfect attitude. All the time. Under all that pressure and all those expectations are women carrying burdens they were never meant to carry and suppressing the dreams they were always meant to live" (read more from Amazon).

Holley really impressed me with her honesty and "this is where I've been and sometimes still am but I got through and so will you" attitude. I smiled at her humor and felt it was very easy to see her heart coming through her words.

One thing that I jumped out at me is a phrase: move forward. I've been going through a phase where I see this phrase in lots of places - I feel like it's God getting my attention as I'm embarking on some new things in my life.

I love how encouraging Holley is! All through the book she's telling women how amazing we are. "You are worth investing in, sweet sister. You are a daughter of the King, a holy princess, a woman with a purpose in this world and a calling on your life. You are of infinite value, and no one can take your place. You're our one sure shot at what you have to offer."

This was a great book! It's one that I want to read again and again! She provides questions throughout the chapters as well as a "Go Deeper Guide" at the back to help you get even more out of the book. I didn't fill it out this time since I was working towards a deadline but I definitely plan on working through it the next time I read it. One of my favorite things was this part of the book:

"In Case You Ever Wonder

You question...
Is who I am okay?
You're more than okay, you're His (Ps. 139:14)

You ask...
Do I have what it takes?
You've got all you need (2 Pet. 1:3)

You wonder...
Can I do this?
You can do all things (Phil. 4:13)

So go for it, girl.
Dare to make that difference,
take that step, follow that dream.
God will go with you -
and love will see you through.

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I received a copy of this book from (in)courage and Revell for my honest review.

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