Monday, March 5, 2012


I've talked about my Finish Year goals but I've been slacking. I've stopped hustling. I did so well in January, tackling my list with gusto and excited at my progress. But then I got busy. My free time wasn't as plentiful and though I wasn't giving up, it became hard to find the energy to work on my goals. So I'm getting my second wind as I blow the dust off from where I've stumbled on this year-long journey. I'm making more attempts to hustle because I'm completing all of my goals this year! Each month, each week, each day is a fresh start.

And again, because I tend to think in song titles, for some reason I connected "hustling" to "shuffling" - as in "Everyday I'm Shufflin'" (don't ask me to explain my logic). Enjoy :)

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