Sunday, July 12, 2015

book review: "summer's list" by anita higman

Life hadn't been easy for Summer Snow. In acts of selflessness - caring for her ailing parents and running her grandmother's bookstore - she had forfeited her youth and dreams for the needs of others. And the only shots she had at love…didn't' work out. She had the bookstore, she had her beloved granny, but she was missing something - or someone.

Opportunity strikes when Granny sends Summer on an unexpected adventure with one Martin Langtree, a kind and quirky young man from Summer's past. With Laney the Chihuahua along for the ride, a childhood friendship is rekindled, a romance is sparked, and mysteries are solved in one magical Texas summer. Will Summer strike out on love again, or will things finally go her way?

I couldn't put this book down! It was such a sweet story that it didn't take me long to get swept away in Summer's adventure. It was such a great story - a story of forgiveness, letting go, heartbreak, and love. Anita did a great job of bringing everything together in the end and I finished it, happy with the characters and their story. I've grown up loving to read and spending hours in the library so I immediately connected with Summer and her love of her granny's bookstore. And the friendship between Martin and Summer was so sweet. I love how they were able to pick up where they left off when Summer knocked on his door twenty years later. I wanted to cry when Granny passed away and at the pain Summer felt. But then I laughed aloud when Martin told Summer he had burned the soup and they would have to either eat cat food or go out somewhere. I enjoyed his honesty and how special he made Summer feel. This was just a fun and sweet book. A great summer read!

I received a copy of this book for my honest review. 

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