Thursday, July 9, 2015

go to all the world

I'm preparing for a third trip to Guatemala. I'm beyond excited but as I'm mentally and spiritually preparing, I'm thinking of the contrasts. Part of my goal this summer was to exercise more. I've been doing well. How many magazines at the checkout offer tips to lose weight or show off one celebrity or another who has dropped her baby weight? Yet in other countries, getting in shape is not even a concern. When you see the lack others have and how truly blessed we are, it changes you. It's frustrating to see how we live in excess when others have so little. And I know there are people who need to hear about Jesus in this country; a missions trip could take place right down the street as easily as in another country. But when you meet a little girl and find out she's never even heard of Jesus, you realize the need of taking the gospel to the whole world. Everything is about balance. Not becoming so focused on going to other places that we neglect ministering to those we encounter every day. But at the same time, not thinking someone else will travel to the rest of the world to share Jesus' love. It's simple but complicated at the same time. But it all comes down to just...loving others. I recently bought the newest Hillsong United album, Empires. I like every song but right now am listening to "Street Called Mercy." That's what I think it comes down to: "You are all I want. You are all I need. Every breath I take is a breath to say I am Yours now forever." Having such a desire for God that He's the focus. And then letting others see that so they'll want it too. 

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