Thursday, November 30, 2017

book review: "christy" by catherine marshall

 "The train taking nineteen-year-old teacher Christy Huddleston from her home in Asheville, North Carolina, might as well be transporting her to another world. The Smoky Mountain community of Cutter Gap feels suspended in time, trapped by poverty, superstitions, and century-old traditions.

But as Christy struggles to find acceptance in her new home, some see her - and her one-room school - as a threat to their way of life. Her faith is challenged and her heart is torn between two strong men with conflicting views about how to care for the families of the Cove. 

Yearning to make a difference, will Christy's determination and devotion be enough?"

I was very excited to review this book! I remember watching Christy on TV when I was little, so when I think of her, I picture Kellie Martin. It was her, along with the rest of the cast that I imagined as I read this book. Reading about Christy's life and her journey, it kept reminding me of my own life. I really liked one of the conversations between Miss Alice and Christy. Miss Alice was talking about their job in Cutter Gap. "One of our tasks here is to show folks a God who wants to give them joy. How they need joy! They have such hard lives..." And that's our job as well. To show God's love to others. I like the honesty of Christy; I found myself identifying with her more and more as I moved deeper into the story. She had to battle within herself to decide whether or not she would stay and teach or return to what was comfortable. But she said, "nor did I want to be a quitter." Her prayer not long after that statement is something I think we all can relate to. Her prayer, to me, is a moment of surrender. Of exchanging her plans for what God would have her do. "Somehow this Cove was my Cove. The children were my children. Little as I had to give, I had to give it here. It was as Miss Alice had said last night, we have to decide to give - even in hard spots where there's lots of evil...Anyway if You can use me here in this Cove, well, here I am."' I love the humor is this book and the heart. The people Christy met through her journey played a huge part in her life.  People to encourage her and befriend her. People possibly placed there by God for that moment. We all need people in our lives to listen and make us laugh and encourage us when we need it. I think back to my first year as a teacher and felt much like Christy did: overwhelmed with the task before me, unsure if I had made the right choice and contemplating quitting. But that's what makes this story so timely for me. God is showing me something about persevering. Of not giving up when it seems too hard. And that's where this book comes in. Christy is working on that same lesson. Though her story takes place in 1912, it's just as relevant today as it was back then.

I received a copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. You can read other reviews in the tour by clicking here.

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