Tuesday, September 16, 2008

veggie lessons

Though some argue that Veggie Tales are just for kids, I beg to differ. Yes, the presentation is geared towards younger audiences but the lessons are applicable to any age. I recently watched “Moe and the Big Exit,” a retelling of the story of Moses but as a western. Let me list a few differences between the Biblical version and this one:
~ Moses is depicted as a cucumber named Moe
~ Instead of killing an Egyptian, Moe pushes one of his brothers’ off a cliff into a river; ‘wanted’ posters are plastered all over the town, offering reward for Moe’s capture
~ When in the desert, God appears to Moe through a burning tumbleweed
~ Moe doesn’t stay away 40 years; when he returns, he’s wearing a black mask and referred to as the ‘Lone Stranger’
~ Moe’s rod is a stick of wood he calls ‘Sliver’
~ Moe rides back into town on a buffalo named Zippy

What I love about the movie is the message. At the end, Moe’s wife Sally tells him, “Moe, you did it!” Moe answers, “Nah, I just followed God’s plans.” Moe recognized that on his own, he was nowhere near capable of leading his people out of Dodgeball City; it was only through God working through him that he was able to obey. Our college group was discussing how God uses everyday people to accomplish His plans and an interesting point was brought up about Moses. Someone said that Moses didn’t become teachable until he was in the desert. It took him 40 years to unlearn everything he already knew and for him to be at the place where God could use him. We’re like Moe. We have many flaws and imperfections yet God can still use us if we’re willing. The amazing thing about our obedience is that when we do say yes, God comes in and fills in the gaps between our inadequacies and His perfection, allowing us to complete what He’s asked of us. Something else to think about. My pastor has said that for Moses to see the burning bush, he had turn from the path he was on. It wasn’t until he did so that God started talking. Had Moses kept walking, God wouldn’t have spoken. The next time you encounter a burning bush (or tumbleweed, whatever the case may be) don’t be too busy to turn away and see what God wants to tell you; you just might be surprised.

And, for the “with a side of laughter.” Since the inspiration for this post came from Veggie Tales, here’s the music video for the song “Belly Button” performed by Boyz in the Sink. Enjoy.

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