Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ready - part 4

Giving that man her attention, Kennedy didn't miss the smirk he tried to hide. More than anything she wanted to slap it off but swallowed that desire since his father was only a few feet away. She had the feeling he was used to getting what he wanted and needed to be taken down a peg or two. Only adding to her desire to inflict physical pain was when he offered his hand, appearing every inch the professional. "Ms. Yates, I'm Lucas. Welcome to our company." She could hear the insincerity that was dripping from each word. Deciding to play along, she shook his hand; there would be time to handle this later. "I'm glad to be here," she responded. "Ms. Yates, my son is needing someone to assist him on his newest project," Mr. Warner began. Kennedy inwardly groaned. She could see where this was going and didn't know if she'd like the outcome. "Somehow you've managed to make an impression on my son and he's asked that you be the one to work alongside him." He busied himself with a stack of papers on his desk while delivering the final blow. "Until the completion of this project, consider Lucas your supervisor." No, her mind began to scream. "He'll be the one you report to and answer to." No, no, no! it screamed louder. "Any questions?" Not giving her a chance to respond - that seemed to be a habit around here - he stood, making it clear she was no longer needed. Stepping outside the office, Lucas was right on her heels. "We'll get started tomorrow. I'm sure you still need to get settled in. Be at my office at nine in the morning." With that he strode off, leaving Kennedy no longer wanting to slap him but wondering what had just happened.

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  1. Please tell me she gets to slap him at some point.