Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ready - part 5

"God, please," Kennedy begged as she tried starting her car one more time. It had been acting up lately and she had every intention of getting it looked at once she received her first paycheck. Yet her car was obviously not willing to wait that long. She was resting her head on the steering wheel, trying to think of her next move when someone tapped on her door. She jumped and then met the gaze of Lucas Warner. Their earlier interaction had been playing over and over in her mind ever since it had happened. She still didn't know what to think about the man but right now she was willing to call a temporary truce if it meant she could get home.

Kennedy rolled down her window a few inches and he bent down to better see her. "Everything ok? Do you need some help?" She really wanted to say no - pride could be such a hard thing to argue with. However, she did need help. Sighing, she softly answered, "My car won't start." Lucas almost replied with "Oh, sorry. See you in the morning," but he couldn't bring himself to be that big of a jerk. "Pop the hood and I'll take a look," he said, moving to the front of her car. She obeyed but couldn't hide her surprise. Not missing her reaction, Lucas talked as he worked. "Yes, I know cars. I've always enjoyed messing with them and learning how they work. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty." Kennedy felt he meant more to that than just cars but didn't have the chance to ask. Lucas closed the hood, coming back to her door. "It'll get you home but that's about it. I'm going to follow you. I've got tools at home and can fix it later." Kennedy gave him a blank stare - she saw his mouth moving and heard his voice but the words weren't registering for some reason. He grinned and spoke slower. "I'm going to follow you home to make sure the car's ok. " She finally nodded, praying as she drove, "God, what are You doing?"

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