Thursday, August 19, 2010

another day

I'm making a decision about how I view life. Each day is not just "another day." Pepperidge Farm came out with a slogan saying, "never have an ordinary day." That's my new philosophy. Each day is remarkably unique. There will never be another August 19, 2010...ever. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in long term goals and things we're striving for that we forget to enjoy each day. We forget to find delight in the little things. We're too busy to not only stop and smell the proverbial roses but we end up trampling them in our haste to reach our next destination, our next "to do." I'm just as guilty of this. I'm all about planning out my day and then expecting it to go just as I plan. We won't even get into how often that doesn't happen :-) We need to find reasons to celebrate each day and soak up every second of life we can. I think we're all aware of the brevity of life. That fact should make us all the more determined to enjoy each day. Make the decision now to not have just "another day."