Wednesday, August 25, 2010

still single

I want to encourage my fellow single friends out there. I think I've mentioned before that I want to get married. I want to stand in front of friends and family and say "I do" to the guy God's been saving just for me. I know relationships are complicated and not every day with the one you love will always be happy and smooth sailing. I'm aware of that yet that doesn't take my desire for marriage away. I came across something the other day that's changed how I've been praying for a husband. Maybe this will help you too. is an extension of Focus on the Family. This is their webzine targeted to young adults and marriage/dating is a frequent topic of interest. One article, "How to Pray for Your Husband" caught my eye ( The author says that while quoting verse after verse regarding marriage is good and all, you need to actually pray for your future spouse. Pray that he's moving to the point of being ready for marriage (be it spiritually, emotionally, financially). Pray that God's preparing him for that huge step and for you. This changed how I approach the subject with God. It's taking it beyond "thank You for my husband" but putting feet to that prayer by asking God to help my Mr. Right move to the point of feeling able to take on a wife and maybe family one day.

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