Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Monday it rained...alot. Yesterday we had lots of extra water still hanging around. There's a field near my house that is now a temporary lake. I was walking past it this last night and something occurred to me. As I was walking beside it and looking down, it seemed like the water was endless, several feet deep. However, when I came at it from a different angle, I could clearly see it was only a few inches deep. Basically a large scale puddle. This can be applied to life as well. Situations we may be going through might seem monumental but it's when we take a step back that we see they aren't that big. It's all about perspective. We can't let life overwhelm us - it's meant to be enjoyed and savored!

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  1. Amen. How frequently we sputter and fear the problem that looks like it has no solution when it is merely a speck of dust in God's view!