Friday, March 18, 2011

book review: "the promises she keeps" by erin healy

Promise is ok with the fact she’ll die young; she just wants to make sure she’s not forgotten when it happens. She aspires to be a singer, a feat not normally heard of for someone with cystic fibrosis.

Chase draws trees. Lots of trees. He says he sees people as trees and hands out these pictures when he feels prompted. His twin sister Chelsea has put her life on hold to care for her autistic brother. But then he meets Promise and tries to warn her of those who wish her harm.

Porta has been told she will die within “five weeks of five days” – making her quest for immortality that much more vital. She knows there is one who will be able to aid in her search and when she sees a picture of Promise, she believes the gods have shown her favor.

All three people’s paths will cross in ways they least expect until they’re tangled together. Porta will stop at nothing to find the key to immortality. She believes Promise is that key and isn’t above murder in order to prove it. Chase tells Promise he loves her and though she doesn’t return the sentiment, he thinks she feels the same way. Promise doesn’t understand why she’s had a handful of near-death experiences of late or why she feels better than she has in a long time. Can she trust Porta or will confiding in her prove to be a fatal mistake?

I read Healy’s first solo novel, Never Let You Go, last fall and though wasn’t overly impressed, still thought it an ok read. I was hoping for something more with this book. From the first few pages, I could tell it was going to be better than her first. I was immediately pulled in, not knowing how the three main characters stories would intertwine. Though there were parts I felt didn’t quite fit with the rest of the story or could have just been taken out altogether, I enjoyed the book and quickly read the 329 pages in two days.

*I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and all opinions are my own.

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