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book review: "missions of mercy" by susan may warren

Point of No ReturnMae Lund is on a mission to find her missing nephew. He was last seen in the country of Georgia helping in aide work but never returned to camp. Chet Stryker has been hired to find Darya, daughter of the head of a terrorist group. She’s agreed to marry an Iranian prince, passing along relevant information to the CIA. Mae asks Chet for help, wishing there was someone else she could turn to. She wanted to be a pilot for his company but he refused, not wanting t0 risk her safety. She only knows he said no, forcing her to give helicopter tours to weak-stomached tourists instead. When he agrees to go with her, she doesn’t know he’s on a mission of his own. Chet and Mae then discover her nephew and Darya ran off together. Darya’s father has made it clear he expects his daughter returned immediately so it’s a race against the clock to find them.

I’ve read a few of Warren’s other books and liked that these are quick reads. They’re the perfect size to stuff in a purse or bag to read during any downtime. I enjoyed this book. The story line moved along at a good pace and I wasn’t bored. She threw in a few surprises to mix things up. I liked the combination of Mae’s independence and Chet’s stubbornness. They both were headstrong and determined but once they let down their guards, you saw they were both scared of getting hurt or of hurting the other. I would like to read about both Josh and Darya and see how their stories unfold.

Mission: Out of ControlRonie Wagner is known in the music world as Vonya and is set to go on a European tour. Brody Wickham is hired to protect her. She’s been helping the CIA by passing along information but it seems as if someone is after her. Brody can only protect her as long as she cooperates. But with her many wigs and costumes, she’s able to sneak away to meet her CIA contact. While doing his job, Brody begins to see the real Ronie – not just Vonya. Yet allowing himself to care for her could put her in danger. He lost someone he loved once before. How can he ensure it won’t happen again? Ronie has blamed herself for her sister’s death and has tried to live up to her sister’s legacy. Though she cares for Brody, she feels sure he wouldn’t be interested in her. Can she let him see beyond the mask she wears?

Out of the three books, this might’ve been my favorite. I’ll admit I couldn’t help but think of Hannah Montana when I learned Ronie had a stage name and no one was supposed to figure out who she really was. But I was able to overlook that comparison and get into the story. I enjoyed the sarcastic humor between Brody and Ronie.

Undercover PursuitScarlett Hanson is on her way to her sister’s wedding. Luke Dekker is also attending a wedding – except he’s going in order to protect the bride. She’s an undercover agent who is marrying the nephew of a man who’s alluded authorities for several years. The plan is to arrest him when he makes an appearance at the wedding. When Scarlett gets into Luke’s taxi, he assumes she’s the agent helping him in this case. It’s only after she’s introduced as his fiancĂ© that he learns who she really is. Acting on impulse, Luke asks Scarlett to play along, knowing the importance of the success of his assignment. Scarlett declines, wanting to return to the safety of her room and the books she brought along. But when she’s fired (again) as the maid of honor from her sister’s wedding, she decides to take a chance. She and Luke must convince everyone they’re engaged in order to avoid arousing suspicion. But when fake feelings begin to become real, things turn complicated.

I really like the dialogue between Warren’s characters. I can picture them in my mind actually having these conversations. The only thing I didn’t like about this story is the whole “I love you even though I just met you.” Luke and Scarlett know each other for only a few days but are able to say “I love you” and that just seems a little too much for me. I realize this is fiction so it’s ok if not every part is believable but that’s just something I notice. Other than that, I enjoyed the story. I like how Luke and Scarlett are complete opposites. They just seem like they would be cute together. Overall, a good read.

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