Wednesday, June 1, 2011

book review: "the fine art of insincerity" by angela hunt

Ginger, Penny and Rose are three sisters who have grown apart in the pursuit of their own lives and marriages. Ginger has remained married to the same man for twenty-seven years while Rose is on her third marriage and Ginger her fifth. They used to spend their summers with their Grandmother Lillian and it's their grandmother who has reunited them. With the passing of their grandmother, the three sisters must clean out her house for the man who has recently purchased it. Over the course of one weekend, Ginger, Penny and Rose learn things about their siblings they didn't know. Ginger's husband has been having an affair and the woman is pregnant. Penny is ready to divorce her current husband and already has her sights on potential husband number six. Rose is planning her death - ready to be rid of the pain and heartbreak this life can bring. They must put aside their differences to survive the weekend. Surprise visitors keep things interesting and all three must learn what it means to truly love someone.

I've read a few of Hunt's other books but this was different. The point of view changes between the sisters, with each of them taking turns telling the story. I enjoyed this shift - there's a obvious slant depending on who's talking but it keeps things interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the humor! It was subtle and often sarcastic but I laughed aloud several times. Parts of the story were heavy; Hunt touches on the emotional effects of having an abortion and suicide. And some parts were comedic relief. In one scene Penny goes to the store, apparently dressed in something more appropriate for a teenager; a fact Rose points out. Hunt kept things interesting. I wasn't bored with this story. She kept me hooked, wanting to know what would happen next.

I received a copy of this book from Glass Road Public Relations and all opinions are my own.

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