Wednesday, October 12, 2011

book review: "the art of romance" by kaye dacus

"Sassy Evans and Perty Bradley are determined to get their older grandchildren married off, but when twenty-eight-year-old Dylan comes home after being fired from his teaching position because of the betrayal of his ex-girlfriend, Perty knows her grandson has more important issues to deal with first. Sassy understands her friend's reservations about timing, but she also sees so many ways in which Dylan would be the perfect match for her thirty-four-year-old granddaughter Caylor. With his record of acclaimed paintings and Caylor's bestselling novels, they could complement each other's talents and provide each other support and encouragement. And there's no denying the spark of attraction between the English professor with the untamed red hair and the painter with the unusual tattoos. But neither grandmother realizes the secrets both Dylan and Caylor are keeping from each other. Will pain and embarrassment from the past keep Caylor and Dylan apart, or will they develop the courage to be truthful with each other and discover the true art of romance?"
This is the second book in the Matchmakers series and I really enjoyed it! I absolutely love the cover and the fact that the story is set in Nashville - being a Southerner, I have a soft spot for stories set in my corner of the country. I enjoyed Dylan and Caylor. I felt Kaye did a good job of developing them and then showing their growth through the story. I was able to feel Caylor's frustration with her sister and Dylan's resignation of never being good enough to please his mother. I especially liked the ending when Dylan quoted from one of Caylor's books - I'm a sucker for stuff like that. At times I thought she gave a little too much detail - especially when describing specific parts of Nashville or the campus where Caylor worked but I thought it cool since it means something to me. When I finished the book I had a smile on my face - an overall good read.
I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review. To learn more about the book and download the first chapter, click here.

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