Friday, October 7, 2011

book review: "grandma's attic" by arleta richardson

"Grandma did what? You might be surprised. When Grandma Mabel was a young girl, trouble seemed to follow her everywhere. And somehow her best friend, Sarah Jane, always found herself in the middle of it too. Whether sneaking out to a birthday party, cutting corners when sewing a dress, or teaching her brother a lesson, Mabel's brilliant ideas only seem to show how much she has to learn. One can find an awful lot of adventure on a farm, even back in the 1800s."

I enjoyed these books! I read Grandma's Attic when I was in middle school and loved it! I was excited at the opportunity to be able to read the stories again. I laughed at Mabel's experiences, wondering how one girl could find herself in so many "scrapes." I think the story about the face cream might be one of my favorites. I liked how the stories weren't super long, making them good for quick reads. I like everything about the books - really great reads!

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