Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm having to work on slowing down and simply being right now. Life is crazy busy for me and I'm having to make the conscious decision to not constantly be going that I fail to enjoy what's happening right now. I've gotten in the habit of scheduling blog posts in advance so I'm not rushing but the only down side is that I'm not able to share from my heart as much. I'm scheduling tweets of the week, recipes and book reviews but taking me out of my blog. I don't want that. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and this journey I've been on since I began Snidbits. So I'm working on not feeling that I have to always have something going on. I don't always have to have a book in hand or scribbling out a "to do" list or be on my laptop. Life is a one shot thing and I don't want to always be looking so far ahead that I miss out on living my life. I believe that this current season in my life is going to be full of so many great things and I want to savor every one of them. I'm going to take the time to smell the proverbial roses and enjoy right now.

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