Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cook time

I've made the comparison before that waiting on God is like waiting on a made-to-order cookie. We know exactly what we want is being prepared for us but we sometimes become impatient while waiting for it to bake and sadly, we sometimes settle for less that God's best by eating animal crackers instead (nothing wrong with animal crackers but why would you choose them over your favorite cookie?). Our problem is that we get hung up in the cook time. This is the time when doubts can begin to creep in, making us question if the wait is really worth it or if the cookie will EVER be ready? What if the cookie burns and is no longer perfect? We enter into the land of "what if's" and begin to question the baker's ability and timing. How does he know when the cookie ready? What if he loses track of time or forgets about it?

Even though we may question the baker, he knows exactly what he's doing. We have to rest in that fact and be assured that when the cookie is done, the baker will give it to us. Are you catching on to my analogy? Are you connecting the dots? It's all about the cook time. This is when our faith is really tested as we wait and wait and maybe even wait some more. Yet we know the baker doesn't make mistakes and will give us our cookie at EXACTLY the right time.

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