Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ready - part 6

With her car under the weather, Kennedy called a friend to take her to work the next day. She was more than grateful it was Friday and the weekend was at the door, knocking. The week had been filled with many ups and downs and she was looking forward to spending the next two days at home, unwinding. When she showed up at Lucas' door at nine o'clock on the dot, she was surprised to find him not there. His secretary informed her he was out for the day but would be back Monday. Kennedy didn't know what to do with herself. She spent her day putting finishing touches on her office, unsure of how hectic her schedule would be once she began working with Lucas. That man was hard to figure out but she pushed any thoughts of him and his unpredictable behavior out of her mind. She'd deal with all of that later.

"Later" came the next day. The sound of tools clanking against metal woke Kennedy. She sat up in bed, trying to remember if she should know why the noise sounded so close - outside her window close. That's when it all came back. Her car wouldn't start and Lucas had put a band-aid on it until he could come back to her house and fix it. So... "Please no," she groaned, throwing back the covers and sneaking to a window to have a look. Kennedy chuckled at her behavior. Obviously Lucas knew she was home since her only means of not being at home was sitting in her driveway.

Peeking out the window, there he was, ball cap pulled low and a t-shirt and jeans on. His appearance was a major contrast to the bussinessman persona he portrayed in the office. She again wondered why he was here, playing mechanic with her car when he surely had better ways of spending his Saturday. It didn't make a lot of sense to her. She went back to her room to get dressed when her phone rang. Instead of hurriedly becoming presentable so she could question the young Mr. Warner, Kennedy got caught up in filling in one of her old co-workers and close friend about her new job. By the time they hung up and Kennedy was dressed, her closet mechanic was gone. The only thing that lent proof he had even been there was a note on her windshield: "Car is fixed. See you Monday at nine a.m."

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