Thursday, February 25, 2010

high heels

Do you remember when you were little and believed in fairy tales (maybe you still do but not the point :-)? Nothing was impossible. Good always triumphed over evil and the prince always came rushing in at just the right moment to save the princess. And they always lived happily ever after.

But then we grew up and at some point stopped believing (isn't that a song? boy, I'm getting distracted today). We experienced things that showed good doesn't always win and sometimes the prince is running late or too busy to rescue the princess. And we also discovered that not everyone lives happily ever after.

Life has a way of jading our perspective. It's as though if we suffer enough disappointment, we just give up. We accept that we're forever destined to scrub floors or cook and clean. We tell ourselves our prince is never going to come and reject countless invitations to the ball, saying he wouldn't notice us if we did go. We become comfortable with average and never strive for anything more.

Why? Why do we let a few setbacks cause us to think we can't have a happy ending? Why do we give up so easily? Maybe the princesses in the fairy tales weren't the smartest or strongest women but they didn't give up. They went after what they wanted and captured their prince's heart. They didn't watch while someone else tried to take their happy ending. We should do nothing less. We're just as able to do what they did and while wearing ever taller high heels :-)

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