Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ready - part 7

It felt like her first day all over again. It was Monday and Kennedy, glancing at her watch once more, had seven minutes until she was late. Seven minutes before she had to face Lucas. Catching the elevator, she politely smiled at the handful of people already gathered inside. As it moved slowly upward, Kennedy took a deep breath. She'd not spoken to Lucas since her car had broken down. She spent her weekend at home, doing everything possible to avoid calling the man. She felt guilty for not at least texting him a simple "thank you" but whenever she began to do just that, she chickened out just as quickly. Something about him made her question everything she said or did - or didn't say or do. She was so lost in thought that she failed to realize when most of those on the elevator stepped off - she also missed when a woman brushed against her in the cramped space.

Taking one more deep breath before entering, she went into his office. "Right on time," Lucas said without looking up. When he finally did, Kennedy noticed him grinning. "Are you ready to get started, Ms. Yates? Or should I call you Veronica?" Kennedy gave him a confused look. "Excuse me?" He walked over to her, pulling off the name tag that was stuck to her sleeve. Then she remembered the woman in the elevator. The name tag must've gotten transferred to her when the other woman moved past her. "Ms. Yates is fine, Mr. Warner." She hid her annoyance while listening to him explain the project she would be assisting him with. Way to break the ice Kennedy.

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