Thursday, September 30, 2010


With a new season now upon us and an almost new month, I wanted to take a few seconds to share something that isn't a book review or an amazing recipe :-) While there are seasons in nature, we also experience seasons in our lives. Maybe it's the start of a new career or new relationships. Maybe it's moving somewhere new. Whatever it is, we go through times in our lives when one chapter is finished and another begins. A fresh page is waiting to be written on - life to be lived. So I'm encouraging any who come across this to enjoy life - find something each day to be thankful for. I love fall and am excited that it actually feels like it (we had a some 90 degree weather last week - was not happy about that :-). I love the colors of the leaves as they change and hearing the crunch when I step on them. It just seems to say to me, "it's fall!" So I'm wishing you all a "Happy Fall" - be it literally or if you're embarking on something new.

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