Sunday, September 12, 2010

thank you

Today is National Day of Encouragement and to celebrate the day, (in)courage gave away a bundle of cards from DaySpring. All that was required was to send the cards to friends and then blog about it. For me, that was too easy to pass up. So I looked through the cards, deciding which ones fit which of my friends. One I mailed to a senior at my church. As a youth leader, you become close to the kids you work with each week and she was one of those I've developed a close relationship with. So when she moved out of the state last month, I was a little bummed. She promised all of us it's only for a year and then she'll be back for college but that didn't make her leaving any easier. So I mailed her one of the cards, just letting her know I'm thinking about her. My hope is that she opens the card and smiles, having a tangible reminder that she's missed terribly. I want to bring her a smile just as she's given me countless reasons to smile :-)

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