Monday, January 17, 2011


Today marks day 1 of a thirty day fast from chocolate. I'm doing well so far :-) My pastors have called a thirty day fast for the whole church, asking everyone to fast a different day of the four week period. In our Jr. High ministry last night, my small group decided to give up chocolate for the whole time of the fast. We're already planning on how we'll break this fast when it's over. Both myself and the other small group leader are bringing chocolate in all its glory for us to indulge in. I actually made a pan of brownies that are cooling as we speak for an youth overnighter we're taking this weekend to an indoor waterpark.
While fasting is not something I eagerly anticipate, I know the rewards are worth it. We fast when we need God to move - we need Him to do something we're unable to do ourselves. I'm needing God to do some things in my life and am believing for those things to happen through the course of these next thirty days. I'm also excited to talk to my small group and see how God moves for them. They're sixth graders and this is their first time participating in a fast. So to see them step up in this area is huge. We'll see what happens...

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