Thursday, January 20, 2011

recipe: mississippi mud brownies

I'm a youth leader at my church and this weekend we're going on a overnighter to a waterpark. As a leader, I feel it's my duty to take yummy things for the girls who will be in my room. Chocolate is a given. I bought a box of "Mississippi Mud" brownie mix but then embellished just a little. The box comes with an oreo-type mix for the crust and the brownie mix has small marshmallows in it. I added some chocolate chips for that extra chocolate taste. They looked pretty amazing when I pulled them out of the oven. I've recently discovered a white glaze on the cake aisle but haven't tried it yet. It's in a bottle and you just pour onto your cake, etc. I'm thinking when I make these brownies again and they're fresh from the oven I may pour some of that on top. As it melts, its sugary goodness will saturate the brownies. Oh my.

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