Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I just finished a group book study of Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity. The time together was just as good for me as reading the book itself. I'm still working on finishing the book but I've been thinking about it lately. The study guide is great to do along with the book because it just helps you get more from the reading. One chapter talked about women in our own lives we look up to and why. The study guide asked the question about the kind of legacy we want to leave and what knowledge we would want to pass on to younger women. I think about the girls I work with in the youth ministry at my church. And I think about what I would want to say to them. I would want them to know that they're enough. That they don't have to be anything more than who they already are in order to get a guy's attention. That there's nothing wrong with them and how God made them. They don't need to be taller or thinner or have a super cool accent in order to be loved more. They're beautiful just the way they are. I would want them to stop looking for fulfillment and purpose in a guy and instead find it in God. I would want them to stop feeling as though they have to try so hard to be accepted. I would want them to know they're not a disappointment or a failure - not a mistake or an accident. I would want them to know how much God loves them and that He has a beautiful plan for them. He's not forgotten them or too busy to care. They're enough.

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