Monday, May 7, 2012

some fun reads

I like children's books. I have every intention of incorporating my love of reading into my future classroom. As a substitute teacher, I've learned to keep some books with me as a time filler because how often in life do things go as planned? There are a few that I'm just really loving and plan on buying a copy at some point after returning the ones I have to the library:

Spoon and Chopsticks are ones that I haven't read to any kiddos yet but I enjoyed them as I read them :) I think some of the humor would be lost on a younger audience anyway but they're both super cute - all about realizing what gifts you have instead of longing for what others can do. For example, Spoon thinks Fork and Knife both lead so much cooler lives than he does but he isn't aware that they think the same thing of him. What Animals Really Like is just a fun book. None of the kids I read it to expected the turns it took but they all enjoyed it. And The Monster at the End of this Book I can now say I have almost memorized. I've read it probably around 15 times and love the reactions I get from it. The older kids (1st or 2nd graders) like it because they remember it from when they were small and the younger ones (kindergarten) haven't all heard it but are quickly caught up in the Grover and his desire to keep us from reaching the end of the book. So if you're looking for some stories to read to your young ones (or maybe yourself if you share my love of children's books), here are a few titles that I've found success with :) 

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