Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Sometimes I get on my nerves. Like when God goes beyond my expectations in an answer to prayer and then five minutes later  I'm doubting how He'll take care of this other thing. Ugh. How ungrateful is that? And I mean God totally took care of me! I'm going on a missions trip this summer and was doing some fundraising. Long story short, not only did God provide all the money I needed, I have enough to buy all of the things I need for the trip plus I was able to help a few other people going. I felt like the whole "super abundantly" of Ephesians 3:20 was happening right in front of me and yet, I turn around and wonder where the answer to this prayer is. When clouds start to block the sun, that's when doubts creep in. But, "beyond the clouds, the sun is shining" - and that's a total Avalon reference, by the way. So I'm working on it. Working on thanking God for what He's done and what's on the way. And until the clouds move, I'm seeing what shapes they look like :)

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