Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I mentioned yesterday that I've been reminiscing lately. In keeping with that, this post is a look at songs from those days gone by. The other night a friend and I were talking about music we used to listen to growing up and we had several "oh my gosh!" moments when one would bring up a song/artist the other had forgotten about. Please join me on a stroll down memory lane.

All Together Separate ~ Paradigm (1999)
Anointed ~ Under the Influence (1996)
Audio Adrenaline ~ Big House (1995)
Margaret Becker ~ Keep My Mind (1993) & Deep Calling Deep (1995)
Bob Carlisle ~ Getting Stronger (1993)
Steven Curtis Chapman ~ More to This Life (1989) & For the Sake of the Call (1990)
Clay Crosse ~ I Surrender All (1993) & He Walked a Mile (1997)
DC Talk ~ Jesus Is Just Alright (1992) & Jesus Freak (1995)
Bryan Duncan ~ Strollin’ On the Water (1998)
Imperials ~ I Listen to the Trumpet of Jesus (1998)
Jars of Clay ~ Flood (1995) & Love Song for a Savior (1995)
Cheri Keaggy ~ My Faith Will Stay (1995)
Wes King ~ Common Creed (1995) & Simplify (1997)
Scott Krippayne ~ Sometimes He Calms the Storm (1995) & Wild Imagination (1995)
Greg Long ~ How Long (1994) & Jesus Saves (1998)
Newsboys ~ Shine (1996) & Entertaining Angels (1998)
Out of Eden ~ More than You Know (1996)
Twila Paris ~ God Is in Control (1994)
Petra ~ No Doubt (1995)
Phillips, Craig & Dean ~ Crucified with Christ (1995)
Point of Grace ~ I’ll Be Believing (1993)
Seven Day Jesus ~ Butterfly (1997)
Michael W. Smith ~ Place In this World (1990)
Kathy Troccoli ~ Everything Changes (1991) & Go Light Your World (1995)

Please add what songs you remember for this is only a handful of artists and songs.

Today’s side of laughter is the music video for Butterfly. Whenever I hear this song, I’m taken back to when I was in youth. It would be blaring through the speakers while we played pool or fuseball or just sat around (and thought we were so cool). Good times, good times.


  1. your old huh.
    i actually read through that list and the only song i knew was 'place in this world' by ole michael w smith... his mullet in the music video for that song says enough.

  2. Carly,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to confirm that I'm old. The fact that you only knew one song...well, I guess someone needs to educate you in some of the 'old school' classics. Oh, and who doesn't know Jesus Freak? So there's two you know :-)

  3. ok ok ok
    its two!
    haha and place in this world just happens to be written 2 years before i arrived in the world... i'm just sayin'.

  4. Oh my gosh, that video so barely makes any sense.

    Carly, you make me wanna cry! I know almost every song on there, plus some I'm sure even Amber does remember! Like:

    4Him ~ The Basics of Life (1992) & Wings (1994)
    Avalon ~ Testify to Love (1997) & Can't Live A Day (1999)
    Eric Champion ~ Smiling (1993)
    Third Day ~ Love Song (1996) & Your Love Oh Lord (1999) & God of Wonders (2000)

    I'll stop now; I'm pretty sure I've completely obliterated what little street cred I might have pretended to have by knowing all this. :-)

    - Alicia

  5. I remember those too, Alicia! Well, except the Eric Champion one. I also remember a group called East to West and they had this one song; all I can remember is "Welcome to, welcome to the next level. You can leave your worries behind..."

  6. That would be "Welcome to the Next Level" by East to West. They had a couple other hits, like "Live Like I'm Leavin'" and "Prince of Peace" (though my favorite was "Talk to Me"). I actually had both of their cds, I think (that's so sad). I had to look them up after you mentioned it -- One of the guys in the duo is now actually part of Rascal Flatts! How crazy is that!