Saturday, September 20, 2008

unaware hero

Do you have certain memories of people who stand out as helping shape your childhood? Without knowing it, they forever impacted your life? I was able to be a bystander to such an event. A few weeks ago, I was at church on a Friday night, helping with childcare for an event. At one point we took the kids into the gym, letting them burn off some energy (thinking that might tire them out – yeah, not really). An almost 13 year-old I like to call Chester was also at the church. I asked if he would be willing to come and play with the oldest boy there, who was around 11. Having such a wide range of ages (kids from 3 years up to 12), he was a little out of the loop being one of the older kids amid toddlers and other "little ones". Chester agreed to come into the gym, grabbing a football and tossing it back and forth with the boy (my brother will do this with his friends for hours and I’ve yet to understand the appeal – must be a guy thing). What stands out to me is the look on the little boy’s face when Chester asked if he wanted to play. This was a kid who tried to act tougher than he was but was secretly excited to have a 7th grader befriending him. I think we all have those instances where we just want someone to look past the tough, confident exterior we may exhibit. We try to be brave but in reality, our world could be crumbling apart, bits and pieces slipping through our fingers. Though this moment may not make an indelible mark on the boy’s memory, it will forever stand out to me. Witnessing such a scene makes me want to leave lasting impressions on all those I meet. We all have the capabilities of being a hero to someone, simply by taking the time to care.

Today’s side of laughter is more fun things to do…not at the workplace but at the grocery store.
~ While arguing with an invisible friend, proceed to play tug-of-war over an item.
~ When the clerk in the deli asks for your order, mime it.
~ Ask if anyone has seen your pet snake – he was just in your pocket a minute ago.
~ Look for someone holding a jar of honey; explain it’s actually bee vomit.
~ Stand in front of the ice cream freezer, look intently at it, and scream intermittently.

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