Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fa la la la la

Sometimes we need to take a break. We need to momentarily lay down our responsibilities and the plate that's piled high with things we must accomplish. And we need to laugh. I went with some friends this weekend to see Dave Barnes and Drew Holcomb (if you've never heard either of them, google their music - that's all I'm saying) in concert. What I love about Dave is that while you go to hear him sing, he's also incredibly funny (most often in a cheesy kind of way but I like that) and you end up laughing as well. This weekend was no different. He played some songs from his new Christmas album as well as some of his other stuff and he made us laugh. I don't know if we laugh enough. We can be so focused on what we need to do that we forget to find the humor in situations (sometimes that's the only way to deal with what you may be going through). Thank you Dave for giving me a brief respite in this hectic Christmas season. And the "fa la la la la" comes in because he sang "Little Lies" (off his newest album "What We Want, What We Get"). He had the audience sing the chorus which begins with "la la la la la." One of the girls I went with had us singing "fa la la la la" instead since it's Christmas time which actually I liked better :-)

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