Wednesday, December 29, 2010

year in review: movies

I've seen quite a few movies this year but there are only a handful I'd watch a second time or more. I know there are more for this list but here are a few...
* Toy Story 3 - I love the humor in the movie! I feel like most of it was actually geared toward adults or maybe I just find random things to be funny. My brother got the dvd for Christmas and we watched it again the other night. Since we have a similar sense of humor, we laughed at the same things but again, maybe that's just us. Out of the three movies, I like the third the best.
* Despicable Me - this movie was just fun. When I went to see it, it was mostly kids crammed in the theater but I still enjoyed it. I think Agnes was my favorite - she was absolutely adorable and yes, I laughed at the "It's so fluffy" line :-)
* Letters to Juliet - I wasn't sure I would like this movie but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it has some cheesy moments but it was cute.
* When in Rome - again, I don't know if it's just my sense of humor but I laughed a lot when watching this. And since I was at home, I didn't have to worry about others hearing me :-) There were times when I felt Beth was just being too wishy-washy but still, a cute movie.

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