Friday, August 19, 2011

spread the love

I wanted to take some time to tell about some other blogs I'm pretty excited about. One is mine, another is one I'm co-blogging on and the other two are by the person I'm co-blogging with (it'll make sense is a second). I started a blog on Wordpress a few years ago but quickly lost interest with it. Last week I was going to delete the account entirely but decided to keep the url and re-do the blog. The new name is called "Sub-Stantial Impact" and is about my adventures as a substitute teacher. I'm only a few posts in and it still has a ways to go - my hope is for it to be a place where substitutes and classroom teachers can connect with others.

The blog I'm co-writing posts for is called "Tatter'd Pages" and is strictly for book reviews. We're excited about sharing books we've enjoyed. A friend of mine had the idea for this blog and she has two of her own. One is called "By the Way" and the other "I Can Relate." So there we go. My commercial is now over but I'd love for you to stop by these blogs and spread a little blog love!

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