Monday, November 15, 2010

book review: "uncertain heart" by andrea boeshaar

Sarah McCabe is twenty years old and needing to prove to her family that she’s able to take care of herself. She leaves her hometown of Jericho Junction, Missouri and finds herself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin taking a position as a governess. She meets Richard Navis, a fellow employee and he becomes her first friend in her new home. While Sarah sees Richard as a good friend, Richard is taken with her upon their first meeting. Sarah soon finds herself trying to decide if the feelings she has for Richard are real or how she feels regarding her boss, Captain Brian Sinclair. She loves his children but does she also love him? When rumors begin circulating about Sarah and the Captain, she’s further confused as to who she can trust with her heart. Richard steps in to help but he continues to try to win her and she struggles to keep him at arms length. It’s not until tragedy strikes that she knows who she loves.

I would give this book a three out of five. I liked it but had a little difficult connecting with Sarah. I feel like Boeshaar didn’t flesh her out completely – she seemed a little wishy washy to me. The ending was slightly disappointing – everything was building up to this and it wasn’t what I expected. I feel like she hurriedly tried to tie all the loose ends together instead of continuing to develop the story. I still enjoyed the book but wasn’t completely blown away. All in all, a decent read.

I received this book free from Glass Road Public Relations and was not required to write a positive review.

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