Wednesday, November 17, 2010

trending topic: national unfriend day

Jimmy Kimmel is helping advocate National Unfriend Day. This is a time to go through your Facebook friends and clean out the random people you added at one time. Who does he suggest you unfriend? "A random sampling around the Web of who you should defriend: mothers, exes, the guy who keeps posting the political rantings, the woman who takes about her children's bathroom habits" ( The whole point of National Unfriend Day is to return back to a simpler time when we aren't so bogged down with what everyone else is doing...

I enjoyed this topic!! While humorous, it's also something to think about. I think some people view it as contest to see who can have the most "friends" on Facebook. To some, more friends = being more popular. Yet why would you want people you either don't know or barely know a personal glimpse into your life through your photos and status updates? Hmmm...maybe less really is more :-) Wanna join in on Trendsday? Click here for info.

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  1. I found this trending topic interesting too... and I like your position of the sort of egotistical side of high friend counts. I had a little different perspective on this topic, but I dig the wisdom behind trimming out something that could cause us to think we're better because we have lots of 'friends'...

    Thanks for posting! Great stuff!