Wednesday, November 3, 2010

trending topic: demi lovato

A blog I follow is encouraging others to grow in their blogging abilities by writing about one of many Google trending topics. The topic I picked is about Demi Lovato checking herself into rehab. I'll openly admit that I watch (and enjoy) Demi's show "Sonny with a Chance" -I know it's cheesy but I like the humor. So the fact that she's now in rehab has me torn. On the one hand I'm glad she's seeking help instead of letting things grow worse but I'm also slightly disappointed that someone who so many children and tweens look up to has shown just how human she is. I've found different reasons as to why she's now in rehab. Causes include she is fighting an eating disorder, she struggles with cutting, emotional issues, etc.

What seems so obvious to me is her need for Jesus. I don't know if she professes to be a Christian or not but I hope she can come to that decision during this time in her life. I'm a very strong believer in kids having positive role models and it's frustrating for me when one by one, celebrities give in to the temptations provided by their status and wealth. I applaud those who are able to withstand those temptations and ARE people kids can look up to. Hopefully Demi will receive the help she needs and will come out stronger when this is all behind her.

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  1. Great perspective! I also get discouraged when role models stumble like this. But the issues that she is dealing with are real things that other youth also deal with. So I join you in praying for Demi that she would come out of this stronger and use her fame to have a positive impact on youth that struggle with those things too.