Wednesday, November 24, 2010

trendsday: turkey recipes

My google trending topic today is about turkey recipes. I'm excited to say that I actually have cooked a turkey before so I feel slightly qualified to tackle such a topic. The instructions were given to me by someone else but the basic jist was put the turkey in an oven bag, sticking four sticks of butter inside it. Cover the turkey with melted butter, brown sugar and honey. Cook for four hours (I think) and baste again every hour. I felt like a proud parent when I finally pulled it out of the oven and it was all golden (I usually try out recipes before making them for others - not always but I try - just in case it doesn't go well the first time. I didn't have a trial run with the turkey so I was super excited it turned out edible).

I heard someone else say to cook a turkey by cooking it for an hour at 500 degrees. You then turn the oven off and let it stay in there overnight.

A few years ago, we deep fried a turkey for our college ministry. This was the same year I learned it takes several days for a turkey to unthaw instead of overnight. I won't even tell how we unthawed it...

I'd love to pick up some new ideas so how do YOU cook a turkey? Wanna join in on Trendsday? Click here for more info.

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    One of my favorites was a couple of years ago I smoked a turkey. Oh man... I love to use my smoker anyway, but think about that turkey makes my mouth water instantly!

    I'm not cooking a turkey myself since I'll be at some family's house for Thanksgiving dinner, but I may just have to go get one to smoke later this weekend!