Saturday, April 24, 2010

book review: "never let you go" by erin healy

“Never Let You Go” by Erin Healy is about the struggle Lexi Solomon faces between her past and her present. The story has Frank Peretti-like suspense, especially when Angelo (an angel) saves Lexi when a man (who is really a demon) attacks her. Lexi’s husband has been gone for seven years ever since he walked out on her and their daughter. Ward, a man who Lexi had long forgotten about also reappears into her life upon the return of her husband. He was a former business partner with her husband in his selling of illegal drugs. He finds Lexi and tells her he needs the money her husband owes him or their daughter will pay the price. Lexi is also fighting with her need to forgive. Right before her husband disappeared, a former client of his killed Lexi’s sister. The man is now on trial and Lexi is being pressured to testify on his behalf by Ward. All of these seemingly separate situations create a tangled web for Lexi. Angelo tells her she “needs consult love” in order to break free from everything. She doesn’t understand – she just wants her life back to normal. The story ends with her visiting the man who killed her sister and asking his forgiveness. Ward barges into the room, his intent to kill Lexi. As she’s pinned against the wall, Angelo appears, giving her the strength to fight – even if not physically. “She rasped, “You leave us alone. You’re not my jailer anymore.” Ward’s moan grew to a shriek that pierced her ears. Lexi’s breathing quickened as she saw smoke begin to rise from his hair, his hands, his shoes. Lexi craned her neck toward Angelo, having no voice to beg for his help.” Ward then explodes and is gone. Having released the hold he had on her, he could no longer control her.

I liked this book. The underlying message is that love brings freedom from our overwhelming situations – which ultimately means God but Healy doesn’t directly say that. I found the spiritual warfare aspect of the story interesting. Maybe it’s because we can’t see that realm with our physical eyes so we can only imagine what goes on amid our routines and everyday life. To think that possibly demons and angels are walking among us, perceived to be humans is intriguing. It’s so important for us to know who our faith is in when trials come against us.

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