Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm working on another fiction piece and think I've completed the prologue. I don't have the plot completely figured out but it's going to be a first-person story about a girl and how seemingly random events all come together to tell her story. I can't think of a better way to celebrate finally working on my writing than by showcasing it on my blog :-)
Life is like a puzzle. With each moment we experience, we gain another piece that will ultimately fit somewhere, somehow. It’s just figuring out where the piece goes that can be tricky or if you know where a piece fits but don’t have it. Isn’t that the most annoying feeling ever? Knowing something is missing but not knowing where to find it? Ugh. Maybe I’m not making much sense. I tend to ramble and have this great logic in my head yet when I say it out loud, others can’t connect the dots. I’m trying to work on that. Anyway, life is sort of like a puzzle. I’ve had lots of pieces come into play lately and it all began with a text…

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  1. I can think of one thing more annoying -- having a piece (or pieces) and not knowing where they fit. Like, it looks like they don't fit anywhere, and you're gonna come up with this puzzle that has extra pieces that don't work with any part of the whole.

    (But I guess that just says something about the logic in my head. :-) )