Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here's another not-about-me piece that again, just kinda came to me. In our middle school house group this weekend we talked about acceptance so I'm thinking this is a belated train of thought from that.

I stare at my reflection
unsure if the person looking back is really me.

Locks of hair litter the floor;
the scissors laying beside me.

I heard you prefer girls with short hair
so I cut mine.

My hair is damp from rinsing it.
The smell of chemicals still lingering.

I heard you prefer blondes
so I exchanged my chestnut brown for a sandy yellow.

My glasses are now sitting in the trash can,
snapped in half for good measure.

I heard you prefer girls without them
so now I'm wearing contacts.

I've done all of this -
traded who I was for who I thought you wanted.

Yet will you notice me?
Will these changes make me stand out
or simply blend in?

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