Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Life has a way of keeping us on our toes. Driving to work today, I was noting how beautiful the day is with the sun shining and the evidence of spring all around me. I hadn't been at my desk for more than thirty minutes when a phone call completely altered my day. I found out my uncle had passed away from a heart attack only hours earlier. Though I wasn't close to him, I was in shock at the seeming suddenness of his death. I wanted to pray for his wife and daughter but I found myself not even knowing where to begin. I couldn't make myself get out anything more than "God..." and that was my prayer over and over. Moments like this are major reality checks. While some may shake their fist at the sky and question why God would allow this to happen or if He's even there, God was the first person I went to. My automatic response when I first found out was "God..." It's in these moments that you see how strong your faith is - where your trust is. I know God's there and He cares and now my uncle is with Him too.

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