Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This isn't based on a current situation I'm going through (no need to try to read between the lines) - the words just came to me today and I jotted them down. Maybe someone else reading this will identify...

You feel so far away
As I lay here – broken and bleeding.
I call out to You; my throat is raw from the tears I’ve cried.
My voice is nothing more than a whisper.
You can’t hear me; can’t see me as I’m falling apart.

So where are You?
What about Your promise to never leave me?
But then I see You.
I’m so weak – I don’t have the strength to stand much less walk.

You’re there but I can’t reach You.
“Don’t go!” my mind screams.
I close my eyes, welcoming the darkness.

And then I feel it.
A touch as light as a butterfly’s – peace seeps through me.
Opening my eyes, You’re there, holding me in Your arms,
Protecting me from…everything.

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  1. This so sounds like a song to me. I wish I could write music for it.