Monday, April 12, 2010


Story is important in our lives because if we don't remember those who have influenced us, who will? I recently had an uncle pass away and I'm still processing the fact he's no longer here. At the funeral, the floor was opened up to anyone who wanted to share a memory of him. He was a children's pastor for over ten years and several people shared stories of being in children's church during that time. They shared how they finally understood God loved them because of my uncle or they accepted Christ - I didn't realize the huge impact he made on their lives. Because of him, they now are impacting other children - be it their own or through serving in children's ministry themselves. Something he started is still being carried on today. Without story, we fail to remember. We forget why we made certain decisions or chose specific paths in our lives because the memory that sparked the decision is now foggy. Story is important because if we don't remember where we've been, we'll forget where we're going.

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