Saturday, April 10, 2010


They hide behind their fake smiles
Every hair in place. sporting a suit and tie.
Their words seem sincere but are empty.
As though any raw emotion is to be avoided.

I feel like a casual observer,
My eyes dry as I hear the sniffles around me.
The reality has not set in;
He’s really gone and not coming back.

I want to take the pain away.
I want to make it all better.
I see the way his wife struggles to be strong.
Left behind to carry on.

While some are superficial, others are genuine.
The love is evident in their embrace.
When they utter “let me know if you need anything,”
I know they mean it.

I’m struggling to understand all of this.
I feel as though I’m in a fog,
Nothing quite seems real.
It’s as though I’m going through the motions.

Why are we afraid of being real?
Why must we constantly paste on a smile?

1 comment:

  1. I like this - I know sometimes you write to get the feelings out that you don't say to others, and I like that you're using that process here.